Estate Strategies

Whether you dream of leaving a legacy, or you simply want to protect your loved ones, estate planning is something you need to do. So, what is estate planning? It is a set of documents that tells the rest of us what you want to happen when you can no longer make decisions on your own, or you are….gone. Not exactly pleasant topics, we know. But, if you don’t plan, it will be more difficult on your family and your beneficiaries. Life and death decisions can be complicated. In the case of death, distribution of your assets may be decided by a probate court judge who cannot know your preferences. We have witnessed unplanned estates. Unfortunately, the consequences can be terrible.

An expert Estate Planning Attorney can guide you through simple and complex decisions that form the basis of your plan. We will recommend trusted attorneys to you and will work with them to streamline the process to retitle your assets in accordance with your estate strategy. And, if there is a health or financial crisis in your life, we will be there to work with your family, your designated attorney-in-fact or trustee to see that your wishes are fulfilled. We embrace this role for you, your family, and your beneficiaries.