Investment Planning

You do not invest in a vacuum. Financial goal planning informs you about what your investing approach should be. A really good plan will target an average rate of investment return that must be achieved over time and will let you know how much risk you must take to potentially achieve that rate of return.

Once you know the risk level and necessary rate of return, investment planning comes down to allocating your investable assets into different asset classes. This process results in diversification, the secret sauce of reducing your investment risk over time.

Compass Rose offers in-house portfolio management. Why is this important? Glad you asked. Unlike the majority of financial advisors (who outsource portfolio management), we prefer to do the homework necessary to select the best equity, bond, fixed income, commodity, and real estate investments available. And, we do it free of any proprietary products!

Our goal is simple, we want to outperform the markets in good times and lose less value in bad times. Make more and lose less. When that simple goal is achieved, investors have prospered historically. You have our commitment to follow that formula and to report your progress to you four times per year.