Retirement Planning

It’s almost a miracle! Anybody can jump on the internet, download a retirement app, answer five or six questions, and presto; out pops your own retirement plan. Well, not exactly.

Retirement Planning is like a good recipe you got from your mother. You try it and yet somehow it doesn’t taste quite right. You need the expertise and practice that only she has. Retirement planning is no different. You need a recipe consisting of your own personal goals, current assets, and your commitment to earn and to save. And, you need a chef to help you make it turn out as intended.

Life always seems to have a way to throw curve balls to us…Murphy’s Law in action. So, you’ll need to adjust and maybe even change course! Even if things are going according to plan, it makes sense to review the plan regularly and take stock of your progress.

Your retirement plan deserves to be more than the output of someone’s algorithm. We help you create your initial plan, modify it as necessary, and – of greatest importance – we track your progress and report it back to you! We tell you when your retirement plan is in great shape and when it is off course. Plus, we explain how market performance impacts your plan (both positively and negatively). Then, we help you readjust and get back on the path to your retirement goals.