401k/403b Traffic Light Advisor

Red Light: Consider moving to cash and lower risk assets, preserve value.
Yellow Light: Consider balancing lower risk and moderate risk assets, avoid higher risk assets, seek moderate return.
Green Light: Consider increasing higher risk assets, seek higher return.

Current Investment Headwinds:

  • Low Yield on Bonds and Fixed Income
  • Equity Markets near Historic Highs
  • Impasse in China/U.S. trade negotiations
  • Potential for prolonged Trade War
  • Slower Economic Growth in Major Economies
  • Impasse on U.S. Infrastructure Spending
  • Congressional investigation of Mueller Report and other Issues
  • Potential for Impeachment vote in the House of Representatives

Current Investment Tailwinds

  • Moderate Inflation
  • Dovish Federal Reserve Policy
  • Consumer Savings and Spending Rate
  • Job Creation in America