Compass Rose Client Newsletters

Thank you for visiting our online newsletter page! Each season, Compass Rose aims to provide you with valuable information that we hope you will find useful and informative. Change is constant. So, it is our pleasure to provide you with the new happenings, updates, reminders, tools, & tips that you need.


Spring 2022

At the unofficial start of summer, Jim updates us on inflation, the Federal Reserve’s moves, supply chain issues and more. But, it’s not all bad news!

Winter 2022

In this newsletter, Jim offers some perspective on market corrections and the war in Ukraine, plus a few notable items for the beginning of the year.

Fall 2021

In this season’s newsletter, we’re talking inflation, our market outlook, the always popular political shenanigans in D.C., and a few housekeeping items for our current clients.

Summer 2021

We’re sharing some furter thoughts on market rotations and price swings plus some commentary on the Delta variant, US debt, and a video from Jim discussing how to effectively refer friends and family to Compass Rose.

Spring 2021

In this newsletter, we discuss recent market rotations, inflation making a come-back, possible future tax law changes, and a major milestone  for our firm!

Winter 2020
In this newsletter, we discuss a few takeaways from the 2020 Presidential Election & find out how our clients think we are doing in support of family goals, client services and investment performance.

Fall 2020
A recap of the past 8 months, plus what to expect with the upcoming election, the stimulus bill and the Covid-19 vaccine!

Spring 2020
A few notes and updates on how Covid-19 is affecting Compass Rose. Also, welcome to the team Ryan!

Early Spring 2020
It is only seven days since our last update concerning the coronavirus health crisis and the market response to the unfolding pandemic. Today, we want to bring you up to date on what has happened in the last week.

Early Spring 2020

In this newsletter, we discuss how the spread of the coronavirus has directly impacted the markets and investor portfolios.

Fall 2019

Fall has arrived! In the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter, we discuss the recent market decline & rebound, taxable accounts & another new member of our team! Welcome Jim!

Summer 2019

The summer season is upon us. In this edition, we talk about outperformance, charitable giving, and our new scheduling software. Also, a new addition to our team!

Spring 2019

Welcome to the time of the year where renewal is the theme. We can’t wait to put away winter jackets, boots, and ice melt. Now is the time to bring out the outdoor furniture, fire up the grill and plan the first gathering of friends and family. We can’t wait!

Early Winter 2018-19

Spring is only four months away…in this newsletter, we discuss market volatility, tax impacts of portfolio management, and succession planning.

Summer 2018

The “easy” season is here! This month, Compass Rose invites you to visit our brand new website. Also, learn about our new online meeting software, retirement plan portal, and more!

Winter 2018

Winter is in full swing! In this month’s newsletter, we focus on IRA reminders, the Charles Schwab Tax Document timetable, market results and outlook, and information on our client portals.