Summer Notes 2018

Summer Time!

For all clients/friends that live in New England, we all rejoice in the arrival of warm weather, outdoor activities and vacation.  It is a time for rejuvenation, rekindling family bonds and enjoying clams, lobster, and barbeque!  Haven’t yet met a family that isn’t thrilled about grilling most every night. 

Note of caution for us all; Summer is a short season.  It begins in about the third week of June and leaves about the second week in September, maybe a total of eleven weeks.  So, our strong recommendation is to get out, enjoy and savor the delights of our “easy” season, or it will be gone.  This year, make sure that you are not saying “Where did the Summer go” on Labor Day.  You need to remember these days when the snow piles up in February!

Our new Website

If we haven’t badgered you enough with custodian websites, client portals and the on-line access to great information, we now roll out our brand-new Compass Rose website.  Congrats to Karen O’Donoghue for this 5-month development effort.  And, what a difference!  Rave reviews are rolling in…and we have great plans for more enhancements this year.  Stay tuned to

Introducing Online Meeting Software

Poor Bill Corvene came in one day to express frustration at how difficult it is to schedule 170 client meetings every year.  Before I told him to keep his chin up and forge ahead, I asked him if we could teleconference clients who could not make it to Portsmouth, or needed the flexibility of meeting without leaving home.  Presto!  Bill came back with the recommendation to use Zoom software to do video conferencing.  He explained that if you have a camera and microphone on your computer, we can communicate via the internet!  Or, if you only have a camera, we can hop on the phone and have the meeting…you can see us, and we can see you.  Plus, we can share the agenda using Zoom.  All it takes is for us to send you an email invitation, click on the link, download Zoom and we are in business.  We promise to accomplish just as much as you would in our conference room, but you can be wearing slippers (and so can we!).  So, when beleaguered Bill calls, just tell him you want the Zoom Zoom experience and he will set you up!!

Your Retirement Plan:  Money Guide Pro being rolled out to you!

We have been doing retirement and life planning for all of you forever, it seems.  We think it has been the most important task that benefits you and your family.  However, we always wanted it to be an interactive and fun process, but one-hundred page documents are just not that much fun.  We now can give you interactive capability that will bring the fun back.  Beginning in August, we will be rolling out access via your computer or mobile device!  The Portal provides a feature called Play Zone (come on, that sounds like fun) where you can change the plan and see the impact instantaneously.  Whoa, isn’t that dangerous?  Well,… yes.  But, you won’t really be able to change the plan without us.  However, you can change lots of items, and then talk to us about what you have found and what you might really want to change.  You are now about to be co-pilot on your retirement plane, scary and fun!

Be on the look-out for an email from Karen in August inviting you to access your plan.

Administrative Minutia

Quick note on other improvements.  We are now moving to on-line account opening, form completion, and digital signatures via Schwab Alliance.  Not fireworks material, but it will make your life easier!

Market Concerns?

The negativity continues.  For ten years, we have been bombarded with news coverage designed to frighten us into worrying about the stock market.  Those news stories have been dead wrong, and now they are wrong again.  Today, we are hearing about tariff wars, the re-emergence of inflation, interest rate hikes, and market all-time highs (the horror!).  Pundits proclaim the start of a recession, plunging stock prices, and the end of the world as we know it. 

Pure nonsense.  The stock market has been the major creator of wealth in the United States for a decade.  The market has reflected improving economic conditions, job growth, and very little inflation.  Corporate earnings have grown to the highest levels ever.  Over the next six months, we believe that earnings will continue to grow at an impressive rate, fueling the fires for potential market gains.  As is always the case, there will be periodic market pullbacks, but market progress will continue, assuming economies and earnings are growing.  So, market concerns?  Our answer is “Not Really”.

When the time comes for our next recession, we will recognize the warning signs and adjust accordingly.  Until then, please take the pundits dire warnings with a grain of salt.  Do check in on your portfolios from time to time.  We especially recommend looking at performance over five to ten-year timeframes.  Let us sweat the day-to-day details (and headlines).  You take the long view and keep your focus on your hopes and dreams for life well lived.  We think that is a pretty good deal.

All the best for you and your family!
The Compass Rose Team